Royal Military Colleges Class of 1960 - Entered The Old Brigade in September 2006

La promotion de 1960 des Collèges militaires royaux - accédée à la Vieille Brigade en septembre 2006

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Obituaries - Nécrologies

4877 Dennis Walter Burningham, 31 July, 2010

4766 Peter Cadeau, 10 April 2010,

4808 Geoff Walsh, 06 Oct 09, Vancouver, British Columbia

4956 Peter Rosewarn, 19 May 09, Calgary, Alberta

4658 Brian Moore, 30 March 2009,  London, Ontario

4753 Gilles Bissionnette, 06 May 2008,

4635 Stan Dubas, 14 December 2006, Victoria, British Columbia

4631 Flight-Lieutenant (Retired) John A. MacDougall, 26 September 2006, Houston, Texas

4867 Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) John David Bell, 20 November 2005, Kingston, Ontario

4802 Flight-Lieutenant (Retired) David Allen Klingspon, 04 September 2004, Carrying Place, Ontario

4946 Lieutenant-General (Retired) Robert W. Morton, OMM, CD, 07 December 2002, Ottawa, Ontario

4919 Captain (Retired) Barry Dennis Hunt, 04 September 1992, Kingston, Ontario

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Victory and death.  Boo-ee Agis Baahss.


John A. MacDougall, Jackie, Dad


January 28, 1938 to September 26, 2006


Dear Dad;


Where do I begin…?  You are a man without parallel and I owe you the world.  Wherever you went, you touched people’s hearts.  You could bring a smile to the grumpiest, make the crankiest laugh and bring life to a quiet room.


In Gaelic you taught me the MacDougall Clan motto, Buiadh no Bas, (say Boo-ee No Baahss) Victory or Death - very fitting for a man that lived life to its fullest and for a man that hated to lose.  But for today, I think we need to change that phrase to Buiadh Agus Bas (say Boo-ee Agis Baahss).  Because I look at your life and see from the people around you here that you were victorious, you are victorious, despite death.  Today I think we should all say Boo-ee Agis Baahss – Victory and Death.


I want to share some sentiments that come to mind as I grieve my loss.  I know everyone here today has their own stories about Dad, John A, Jackie, and I encourage you to share them today, write them down, or, if you prefer, keep them in your heart.


Dad, you gave me every opportunity to experience all that life and the world has to offer.


On your last night with us, Mom, Johnny, John Stewart, Cathy and I were eating pizza and drinking Heineken in your hospital room in Houston.  We know you would approve of us celebrating your life with you there, and we recounted tales of family adventure in Oswego, Portland, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Kingston and more.  Some of the stories Mom didn’t really want to hear, but we talked about the jobs you got us in the steel mills, the chewing tobacco, the underage movies, the summer work you arranged for us both in Germany – all of which opened our eyes to the world and gave us the desire to experience more.

Although you may have regretted the distances I traveled – to the top of Africa and under the seas in Asia – I could never have done it without the confidence you gave me in myself.  And you shared that confidence with all of us who were touched by you.  Your example of following your dreams, being true to yourself, challenging your limits and your lust for life had an impact on us all.


Boo-ee Agis Baahss – Victory and death – we know we must all die one day and you showed us how to live and win, and find victory in all we do.


I also believe that the bone marrow transplant miracle performed at MD Anderson was successful because of your unfailing strength and determination.  You were given 2 and a half years which you chose to take full advantage of – doing what you wanted and what you loved.   Boo-ee Agis Baahss.


One of the most important things for me was that you got to know your grandchildren and that they got to know you, the playful, silly and energetic Grandpa Mac.  Asenia, Tyama, and Jorin learned to play Texas horseshoes, we went canoeing, and you came to the twins 6th birthday party this past June which made them so happy.  But my fondest memory will always be the night this past August long weekend.  Cathy and I had all 3 settled in bed at your cottage after a late night – it was past 9 pm.  The next thing I knew I heard all 3 squealing kids chasing you into the closet throwing their teddy bears to you.  And then I heard you squealing and chasing them out of the closet and all around the cottage as you threw the bears back.  It is a moment that I will cherish and a scene I will replay in my memory forever.  Boo-ee Agis Baahss.


There are too many here today to thank for all you have given my dad and mom over all the years you have known them (45 married years).  I am sure you all have your special memories of my Dad and again I ask that you share those memories today and celebrate the life of John A MacDougall, Jackie, Dad in Victory and Death.  Boo-ee Agis Baahss.


James MacDougall, Saturday, 07 October 2006

Sacred Heart of Mary Church, Wolfe Island, Ontario

4631 MacDOUGALL, John A. "Jackie"

MacDOUGALL, John A. "Jackie" - Passed away at the age of 68 on Tuesday morning, September 26, 2006, in Houston, Tex.  He lost his long battle with leukemia that included a successful bone marrow transplant.  John was born in Inverness, Cape Breton, the eldest son of John Bernard "J.B." and Martha MacLellan. He graduated from Holy Family High, Inverness, CMR in St. Jean, Que., then RMC and Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont., obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering.  He spent three years with the R.C.A.F. then worked most of his life in the United States on various engineering projects.  He will be missed by his loving family, his wife, Anne Donovan; sons and daughters-in-law, John and Ysanne, James and Catherine; and grandchildren, Asenia, Tyama and Jorin.  He will be lovingly remembered by his siblings and their spouses, Isabel and Ken, Malcolm and Sheila, Lauchie and Sherry, Harold and Janet and Joe Page.  Retiring several years ago, John and his wife Anne spent their summers in Wolfe Island, Ont., and wintered in Naples, Fla. Although John left Inverness at the young age of 17, he never lost his love for his old hometown.  John and Anne returned many times visiting friends and family, attending and organizing MacDougall gatherings and researching his parents' roots in Cape Mabou and the Glen.  He was a writer, a poet, a storyteller, and even took a course in Gaelic, the initial tongue of his parents.  His lust for life, his playful and powerful personality brought out the best in us all.  In lieu of flowers, please make donations to support renovation work to Sacred Heart of Mary Church, Wolfe Island, ON. K0H 2Y0, or to your local chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society.  Funeral services are planned for Sacred Heart of Mary Church on Wolfe Island on Saturday 07 October at 1:15 p.m. followed by a reception at 2:30 p.m. at the old school.


Buaidh No Bas


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04 November 2005 - 2184 Rear Admiral Desmond William Piers DSC, CM, CD, D.Sc.Mil, KLj, RCN

WWII Icon and Later RMC Commandant (1957 - 1960) Dies at Age 92

2184  Rear Admiral Desmond William Piers (Entry RMC ’30) and
wife Janet (Macneill), his companion of 64 years.

List of Distinctions and Accomplishments:
as compiled by 23441 Alex Duncan, Cadet Wing Senior. (RMC ’06)

2184 Rear Admiral Desmond William Piers DSC, CM, CD, D.Sc.Mil, KLj, RCN

  • winner of 1930 RMC Recruit Obstacle Course

  • first RMC cadet to be commissioned into the RCN

  • went ashore at Dunkirk under enemy fire to assist in evacuation of Allied troops

  • took command of HMCS Restigouche in 1941

  • served 38 months consecutive as convoy commander and had the Allied record not losing a single ship

  • commander of the famous convoy SC-107 that was attacked by 15 German U-boats in one night, more than any other convoys during the war, resulting in 17 lost ships

  • was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions commanding SC-107

  • while stationed as Training Officer in Halifax he was responsible for intercepting and capturing Wolfgang Heyda, the only German Officer to escape from the POW camp in Belleville, Ontario

  • took command of HMCS Algonquin in 1944 and participated in the entire Normandy invasion and subsequent campaign

  • in 1949 he was appointed Director of Naval Plans and Operations at the Naval Headquarters

  • 1950, Assistant Chief for Personnel and Administration for the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, in Norfolk, Virginia

  • 1955, Commander of the First Escort Squadron and then again, Captain of HMCS Algonquin.  At this time he received the title of Senior Canadian Officer Afloat Atlantic

  • in 1957 he was appointed Commodore and then became the first naval Commandant of the Royal Military College

  • was instrumental in the opening of the Massey Library, and the restructuring of the academic wing

  • brought many visitors to the College including: Lord Mountbatten, Field Marshall Montgomery and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh

  • 1962 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and chosen as Chairman of the Canadian Joint Staff in Washington, D.C.

  • upon retiring in 1967 Admiral Piers had given 35 years of service to Canada, and was appointed Agent General for Nova Scotia in the United Kingdom and Europe, was granted the freedom of the City of London in 1978

  • Honorary Doctorate degree in Military Science from RMC in 1982

  • Order of Canada

  • June 2004 received France’s highest award, the Legion of Honour.  He became the first recipient to ever receive the medal off of French soil.

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Naval War Hero Dies at 92

HALIFAX, N. S.– Rear Admiral Desmond William “Debby” Piers, CM, DSC, CD, RCN (Ret’d), a Canadian naval legend and a celebrated wartime hero, died peacefully yesterday in Halifax, N. S. at the age of 92. 

Credit:  Reuters

Rear Admiral Desmond Piers received L’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur on June 6, 2004 for his contributions to the success of D-Day in 1944.
Rear Admiral Piers was born in Halifax in 1913. In 1932 he joined the Royal Canadian Navy, the first graduate of the Royal Military College to do so, and began what would prove to be a highly distinguished naval career spanning over three decades.

Rear Admiral Piers is best known for his courageous actions in 1944 when, as the 30 year-old Commanding Officer of HMCS Algonquin, he directly participated in the invasion in France where he guided his ship and her crew through the conflagration of D-Day. In recognition of his actions he received L’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest recognition for bravery in military action and service. He was also awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his vigorous and invaluable service at sea during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Following the Second World War, Rear Admiral Piers went on to serve in a number of key positions including Command of the cruiser HMCS Quebec, Assistant Chief for Personnel and Administration at NATO Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, Senior Canadian Officer Afloat (Atlantic), Commandant of the Royal Military College, Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the Governor General, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, Chairman of the Canadian Joint Staff and Commander Canadian Defence Liaison Staff in Washington, D.C.

Rear Admiral Desmond William “Debby” Piers
Credit:  DND

Rear Admiral Desmond William Piers.
The loss of Rear Admiral Piers will be felt by many in the Navy. According to Vice-Admiral Bruce MacLean, Chief of the Maritime Staff and Commander of Canada’s Navy, his death marks the end of an era for the Canadian Navy. “It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Rear Admiral Piers, an inspirational leader and an enduring symbol of all that is the best of the naval service. He was a heroic man whose contributions to the Navy are unparalleled. He will forever be remembered as one of our finest.” 

Rear Admiral Piers is survived by Janet Piers, his wife and cherished companion of 64 years.

Funeral arrangements are being coordinated at this time and will be published as they become available.   Questions should be directed to Maritime Forces Atlantic Public Affairs at (902) 427-6688.

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